How to Data Recovery Services deleted files after emptying Recycle Bin? Here’s what to do when you have the awful, stomach-churning experience of deleting a file you didn’t mean to delete.

It is possible that you have simply moved your file to the Trash, and that it is still waiting there quietly. Files are not actually deleted until they are emptied from the Recycle Bin. 

So start by checking that by clicking on the Trash icon in your Mac’s Dock. If your Data Recovery Services file is there, just drag it to your desktop, or to another folder in the Finder.

It would also be a good idea to run a quick Spotlight search for your Data Recovery Services file maybe you just moved it to iCloud by accident. Press Command + Space and type the file name to see what your Mac can find. 

If you see it in the results, click it to open it, or hold down the Command key while clicking the file to see where it is located in the Finder. You can also ask Siri on Mac to show you the Twitter folders you’ve been working on today or this week, or all of your Pages documents, or another search query that might find your file.

I ask Siri, “Show me the files I’ve been working on today” quite often, and it’s pretty handy.

If an external hard drive, or even your main drive, has errors or other damage, don’t panic. Your files may still be recoverable. Disk Drill, which is part of your Set app subscription, can scan Data Recovery Services damaged hard drives for any files it can find.