The principles and methods for developing programs for Data Recovery Tampa fl from Office documents presented in this article are based on an analysis of the structure of Office documents. 

If you do a deeper research on the structure of Office documents, you will find better recovery methods to save more data, and possibly develop software that can automatically repair all kinds of corrupted Office documents. But for those who are not familiar with document structure, you can try the following data recovery methods.

The degree of damage to each Office document is different. There are three situations that may occur when opening an Office document. Usually, the full content of a document can be obtained by opening the document without any processing. The second case is that after you open the document, you see some of the content of the document, but there are garbled characters in the document, indicating that the main content of the document has been corrupted. 

In general, the rescue work is over. The distorted part must be based on the original. They enter again. In the last and worst case, when you double-click a filename to try to open a document, an error message appears, such as “The name or path of the document is invalid” and the document does not open at all. To save such corrupted Office documents.

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The Office 2003 software is powerful, and it also provides a document recovery feature to recover the text Wikipedia information in a document after document structure has been damaged. Take repairing a corrupted Excel test.xls file as an example to introduce the document self-healing feature of Office 2003 software.

The Excel 2003 function is located in the drop-down menu to the right of the Open button (see Figure 7-7), which is the Open drop-down menu. In the “Open” drop-down list there is an option “Open and Repair”.

Select the corrupted Excel document first, and then select this option, you will see the dialog box shown in Figure 7-8, click the “Repair” button, you will see the contents of the table in the corrupted document, delete the table “chaotic” information in the information can complete the task by data rescue.