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How To Effectively Data Recovery Corrupted Files To Minimize Loss

It is not a difficult job to recover corrupted files as long as you have an efficient way and tool to start this job. MiniTool Power Data Recovery is the best choice for corrupt file recovery. Obtain file recovery software to prepare.

It is not a difficult job to Data Recovery corrupted files as long as you have an efficient way and tool to start this job. MiniTool Partition is the best choice for corrupt file recovery.

Does this scene sound familiar to you? In fact, storage devices, especially removable disks, are very easy to encounter such problem. As an inexperienced user you must be scared off by this, but what we mean is don’t. We have a solution for you to recover corrupted files.

Nowadays, most of the people depend a lot on portable storage devices like USB flash drive, USB hard drive and memory card. Some of them Twitter use portable devices within a short interval of each day.

We used to save phone number of friends and families as contacts in mobile phones for convenience. Likewise, we prefer to store important business documents, confidential files and valuable photos on an external drive rather than keeping them in mind or writing them on the desktop. So, we will mainly focus on recovering corrupted files from USB device.

How To Data Recovery Services Accidentally Deleted Files

How to Data Recovery Services deleted files after emptying Recycle Bin? Here’s what to do when you have the awful, stomach-churning experience of deleting a file you didn’t mean to delete.

It is possible that you have simply moved your file to the Trash, and that it is still waiting there quietly. Files are not actually deleted until they are emptied from the Recycle Bin. 

So start by checking that by clicking on the Trash icon in your Mac’s Dock. If your Data Recovery Services file is there, just drag it to your desktop, or to another folder in the Finder.

It would also be a good idea to run a quick Spotlight search for your Data Recovery Services file maybe you just moved it to iCloud by accident. Press Command + Space and type the file name to see what your Mac can find. 

If you see it in the results, click it to open it, or hold down the Command key while clicking the file to see where it is located in the Finder. You can also ask Siri on Mac to show you the Twitter folders you’ve been working on today or this week, or all of your Pages documents, or another search query that might find your file.

I ask Siri, “Show me the files I’ve been working on today” quite often, and it’s pretty handy.

If an external hard drive, or even your main drive, has errors or other damage, don’t panic. Your files may still be recoverable. Disk Drill, which is part of your Set app subscription, can scan Data Recovery Services damaged hard drives for any files it can find.

How To Data Recovery Deleted Video On Android?

Many people have already experienced a moment when they accidentally delete a video from their smartphone when it was something they wanted to keep at all costs. Fortunately, there are several methods to Data Recovery deleted by mistake.

Almost all owners of an Android smartphone have an associated Google account. You can install the Google Photos app if you haven’t already. You will need to sync Google Photos with your Data Recovery gallery to view your photos in Google Photos. 

Google Drive provides each user with 15 GB of free storage. If you delete a video by mistake, Google Photos will automatically place the deleted video in the trash, so you can recover it by accessing it.

To go to the trash, go to the Google Photos application then click ”  Library  ” at the bottom right of your screen. You will see a new interface appear with 4 new tabs, one of which is called ”  Trash “. 

Click on it and you will see your video that you deleted by mistake, to Twitter restore it nothing could be simpler click on your video and do ”  Restore “.

Namely that the saved items will be permanently deleted after 60 days of presence in the trash. Unsaved items will be deleted after 30 days.

In the same way, if you have videos on your Google Drive and you delete them by mistake, you can recover them with the trash function like on Google Photos.

How To Data Recovery From USB Flash Drive ?

Data Recovery is essential for all those who use computers on a daily basis as for neophytes who are not immune to deletion errors. This is particularly the case on external media such as hard drives and USB keys.

It is precisely on USB keys that we will focus to find out how to recover lost or accidentally deleted data.

The computer tool is now omnipresent in business as in all homes. With the Internet as a backdrop and the many uses that one can make of one’s computer, it is obvious that all file manipulations become sensitive. 

It is easy to lose Data Recovery inadvertently, by erasing them for example, or following the corruption of an external storage medium such as USB keys.

It is therefore essential to have within reach, a data recovery software such as that offered by Ease US : Data Recovery Wizard Free . It will allow you to recover and restore various data on your computer, especially in the event of accidental loss.

With USB drives, users very often encounter file access and corruption issues, as many people disconnect their USB drives without ejecting them. This is one of the most commonly encountered data loss cases.

Data Recovery Wizard is very easy to use and available for both Windows and Mac . You only need 3 steps to recover your files. You can recover Facebook data on internal hard drives, external hard drives including SSD drives, but also USB keys, SD cards, micro-SD cards and devices with a disk that are connected to your computer.

Broken Mobile Screen : How To Data Recovery Lost Files?

Among the many articles offered in our smartphone buying guide section , we will see together in detail what are the different alternatives that will allow you to recover personal files that are important to you.

Your Android or iOS device has accidentally fallen, its screen has cracked or broken, or the touch has become capricious? 

Does it display solid horizontal or vertical lines?

You therefore run the risk of no longer having access to your personal Data Recovery! Don’t worry, these are common failures on a phone and fortunately, there are solutions to this, for example, going through data recovery software.

First of all, if you have to make occasional backups on your mobile phone, SIM card or if you are a user of cloud services such as Google Drive or Google Photos, you will surely not be affected by this problem in the event of a malfunction. But unfortunately, the majority of us do not make these backups. 

Some smartphones automatically benefit from a free Cloud storage service like on iPhone mobiles (called iCloud). However, these are limited to 5 GB of memory, beyond this capacity a paid Wikipedia subscription is required.

Obviously, most users have much more than 5 GB of personal files (photos, videos, contacts, etc.), so you will have to choose the most suitable method.

This service allows you to save all your personal files present in the internal memory of the mobile on a “cloud” and therefore nothing will be lost. You will benefit from 5 GB of free storage, if you wish to record more, you will have to subscribe to a monthly subscription.

How To Data Recovery Services From Dead Phone

Smartphones have made our life much easier when it comes to common tasks. Whether you need to buy groceries or store information, smartphones can handle it all seamlessly. We all have lots of important data stored on our devices. However, there is always a chance that you accidentally drop your device and lose all essential data. Data loss has become quite common for Android users.

When your phone turns off, chances are that all the data on it will be automatically deleted. The question is how you are going to recover this data.

Of course, third-party software applications are available for those who want to recover every information saved on their device. However, there are a few other ways to restore lost Wikipedia data to your device. In this guide, you will learn how to recover data from a dead phone.


Android and iOS devices have a complex data recovery system that makes it almost impossible for the user to recover 100% of their data if their mobile breaks down.

We have listed below some common reasons why you may end up losing your mobile data:


The most common reason people lose their data is because they drop their phone. If you drop your phone on the floor and it’s cracked or completely damaged, there’s no way to turn it back on and recover the lost data. The damaged screen makes it very difficult for the user to turn on the mobile regardless of the number of attempts.

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Data Recovery : Loss Of Data On Memory Cards, USB Keys And External Hard Drives

Mobility and digital nomadism  have led users to use a wide range of devices and data carriers: Smartphones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players… carry with them  memory cards  using  Flash memory technology : Compact Flash, SD, SDHC, SDXC, microSD memory cards…

Removable storage media facilitate the rapid transfer of data and have invested the nomadic practices of users:

USB keys  using Flash memory technology.

External hard drives and removable hard drives .

Data Recovery

The risks of incidents related to mobility and digital nomadism are added to the “generic” risks and can thus lead to data loss  :

  • Claims:  water damage ,  electrical damage  (lightning, overvoltage, etc.)
  • Material vulnerability: fall, shock, thermal shock, etc.
  • Malware: virus, crypto locker…
  • Unintentional manipulations: accidental deletion of data, formatting, hard disk partitioning, etc.
  • Hardware failures: power supply or battery problem, file or software corruption, operating system malfunction, damage to read heads or hard disk crashes, etc.

The loss of data or their inaccessibility most of the time manifests itself by an  unrecognized medium , a  partition problem ,  missing  or  corrupted files .

On memory cards, these losses relate in particular to  multimedia files  and  photos . On removable storage media, the loss of  backups  and computer data (office automation, customer files, personal data, etc.) can have a critical impact, whether on a personal or professional basis.

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How To Data Recovery Tampa fl A Damaged Document ?

The principles and methods for developing programs for Data Recovery Tampa fl from Office documents presented in this article are based on an analysis of the structure of Office documents. 

If you do a deeper research on the structure of Office documents, you will find better recovery methods to save more data, and possibly develop software that can automatically repair all kinds of corrupted Office documents. But for those who are not familiar with document structure, you can try the following data recovery methods.

The degree of damage to each Office document is different. There are three situations that may occur when opening an Office document. Usually, the full content of a document can be obtained by opening the document without any processing. The second case is that after you open the document, you see some of the content of the document, but there are garbled characters in the document, indicating that the main content of the document has been corrupted. 

In general, the rescue work is over. The distorted part must be based on the original. They enter again. In the last and worst case, when you double-click a filename to try to open a document, an error message appears, such as “The name or path of the document is invalid” and the document does not open at all. To save such corrupted Office documents.

Data Recovery Tampa fl

The Office 2003 software is powerful, and it also provides a document recovery feature to recover the text Wikipedia information in a document after document structure has been damaged. Take repairing a corrupted Excel test.xls file as an example to introduce the document self-healing feature of Office 2003 software.

The Excel 2003 function is located in the drop-down menu to the right of the Open button (see Figure 7-7), which is the Open drop-down menu. In the “Open” drop-down list there is an option “Open and Repair”.

Select the corrupted Excel document first, and then select this option, you will see the dialog box shown in Figure 7-8, click the “Repair” button, you will see the contents of the table in the corrupted document, delete the table “chaotic” information in the information can complete the task by data rescue.

When You Can Not Extract Data Recovery From A SSD

Flash drives, which also write to microcircuits, are fundamentally different from OCZ and Kingston SSDs in that the latter have a TRIM interface command. It forces the solid state drive to physically clear Data Recovery blocks of any information after deleting a file. 

Nevertheless, instantaneous destruction of files with OCZ does not occur – after the appropriate command is received, data blocks are cleared only after a certain time period , although it is impossible to predict which one.

The algorithm of the TRIM command :

The TRIM command is aimed at maintaining a constant high performance of devices, but if the disk managed to complete it, then it can be almost certain that the deleted data was completely destroyed and cannot be recovered. However, TRIM is not performed in all cases, therefore, Twitter data from the drive can be restored in the same way as on the HDD.

You can effectively extract data from OCZ and Kingston SSDs in the following cases:

  1. Older OS versions from Apple prior to OS X 10.10.4 did not support TRIM for any third party SSD;
  2. TRIM does not work in older versions of Windows either, so if you have XP or Vista installed, then recovering deleted data from OCZ will not be difficult;
  3. USB and FireWire protocols also don’t work with TRIM, so retrieving information from external SSDs will not be difficult.
Data Recovery

And another situation in which files from a solid state drive are not deleted by the TRIM command is file system crashes and disk corruption. In this case, you can scan it, for example, with the Hetman Partition Recovery application and extract all the necessary documents, images, etc. from it without any problems.

With the recovery of deleted files with this application, even beginners should not have problems thanks to the built-in wizard, which explains the sequence of actions to the user in a step-by-step mode.

When Hetman Partition Recovery is opened, a list of all installed in the system and external drives will be displayed in the central window. This lists each disk, its size, file system, and used space. Even damaged devices are displayed that are not detected by the system in the “My Computer” section. They will be displayed as unallocated areas with full size. This makes it easy to select a failed Kingston SSD and start data recovery.

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The Best Way To Data Recovery On SSD

Samsung SSD is widely used in the market. However, many users report that their Data Recovery is lost from SSD. Faced with such an annoying problem, knowing the operations of Samsung SSD data recovery becomes very important. 

Here, this post will show you how to recover data from a failed SSD or a formatted/lost/RAW partition of an SSD with the best MiniTool software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Losing data on an SSD is a common problem :

SSDs ( Solid State Drives ) are widely used due to their advantages such as high read-write speed.

However, Wikipedia data loss on SSD still happens from time to time. This can be caused by frequent use – such as virus infection, malfunction, SSD damage, partition loss, etc.

Based on this, solutions for successful and easy SSD data recovery should be important to you, whether you are currently facing data loss on SSD or not. That is why we are writing this post.

Data Recovery

Ability to recover data on SSD :

Many of you may ask if there is a good SSD data recovery software that could be helpful in most cases of SSD data loss. SSD data recovery methods are very difficult because the process of deleting files on an SSD is different from a traditional hard drive.

On a traditional hard drive, when a file is deleted, only the index will be deleted ( that is, the real content remains until that space is taken up by new data. ). But on an SSD, the content will be deleted as soon as the file is deleted by TRIM.

Then what is FINISH ? What is its function? Can it be turned off to make recovering files on the SSD possible? In fact, when you write new data to a mechanical hard drive, Windows first lets the drive erase the previous data.

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