Samsung SSD is widely used in the market. However, many users report that their Data Recovery is lost from SSD. Faced with such an annoying problem, knowing the operations of Samsung SSD data recovery becomes very important. 

Here, this post will show you how to recover data from a failed SSD or a formatted/lost/RAW partition of an SSD with the best MiniTool software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Losing data on an SSD is a common problem :

SSDs ( Solid State Drives ) are widely used due to their advantages such as high read-write speed.

However, Wikipedia data loss on SSD still happens from time to time. This can be caused by frequent use – such as virus infection, malfunction, SSD damage, partition loss, etc.

Based on this, solutions for successful and easy SSD data recovery should be important to you, whether you are currently facing data loss on SSD or not. That is why we are writing this post.

Data Recovery

Ability to recover data on SSD :

Many of you may ask if there is a good SSD data recovery software that could be helpful in most cases of SSD data loss. SSD data recovery methods are very difficult because the process of deleting files on an SSD is different from a traditional hard drive.

On a traditional hard drive, when a file is deleted, only the index will be deleted ( that is, the real content remains until that space is taken up by new data. ). But on an SSD, the content will be deleted as soon as the file is deleted by TRIM.

Then what is FINISH ? What is its function? Can it be turned off to make recovering files on the SSD possible? In fact, when you write new data to a mechanical hard drive, Windows first lets the drive erase the previous data.

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